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Going through a divorce is a major crisis. It is a financial, emotional drama and the loss of dreams of what we had wanted when we got married. Naturally, we all want the best attorney on our side and the phone books are full of promises and more promises. Gosh, I had a promise – and a vow – we all did.

I looked in the book and saw many names, I called a few. David was my type of guy. He was a straight shooter, had empathy, listened to my problems and offered various ways to handle my divorce. I liked the strategies he suggested and as an ex-social worker really liked that HE LISTENED, HE REALLY LISTENED AND GOT WHAT I SAID. HE MADE EYE CONTACT. I was not another case number, but an actual human being. David assured me he could be a shark or a nice guy, whatever the situation called for. I liked his years of experience and the fact he did not have some big, fancy office with partners and lots of stuff. David is a hands-on guy.

Well, I used David and was very pleased. He went beyond expectations. He gave me an estimate on what it would cost and he was in the ball park on his fees. I liked the way he billed; it was on the 1/10 hour and not a lump hour sum or a fishing expedition. My ex-wife got billed by the hour with little detail. My ex had one of the most prestigious law firms in Denver, an expensive boutique. David roared into gear – David vs. Goliath. We negotiated a great settlement saving me well over a hundred thousand dollars.

David is personable, an active and good listener, provides options, has years of experience in child custody, is the same with the rich or modest income. You could not ask for more in David – you can bank on it. In a world filled with compromise, Gibans makes no contribution. Oh, and a great sense of humor.

David H.

I was charged in a case which would have substantially affected my career in military intelligence, had I been found guilty. David never gave up and won the case for me even though family and friends thought that was not possible. Thank you, David.


David Gibans is a professional; strong, and supportive lawyer. David was there when I needed the most help. Because of David’s reputation as a successful lawyer, I was able to still handle all of my day-to-day activities, knowing I was in good hands.

As I was going through my very ugly divorce, I interviewed several lawyers; David was by far the most confident and knowledgeable of the group.

David made sure to watch out for my interests. We went to trial and he got me exactly what I was looking for. I have referred David to many family and friends and will continue to do so.

Donnie L.

When we had a very serious criminal issue we were referred to David Gibans by a friend. He proved to be very good and helped us when we needed it the most. Sometimes you only get one chance to choose the right attorney and David was the right person for our very serious matter. David was diligent in every phase of the job he did with us and we would use him again if we needed another attorney.

Steve S.

David Gibans was referred to me by another attorney. He said he would be the best one to handle my case.

Mr. Gibans was very professional when I met him and throughout the process. He took my case, getting the results I was seeking. It was a very hard case. We went to trial and won. I would gladly recommend Mr. David Gibans to anyone that is seeking a great attorney. If you are looking, Mr. Gibans is the one!

Ann W.