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Helping Families Address Legal Issues

When people think about getting a divorce, they want to know what options are available, especially when they have children or large material assets. They want to know that their interests will be voiced and protected throughout the entire proceeding.

As a Denver family law attorney, David M. Gibans understands the concerns his clients may have in divorce and other family law proceedings. As a sole practitioner, he provides one-on-one legal counsel and representation that works towards a successful outcome for his client. Mr. Gibans has over 35 years of experience settling these types of cases, but he is always prepared to take matters to court if necessary. Mr. Gibans believes in utilizing the expertise of professionals, such as physicians, psychologists, private investigators and accountants, when necessary in order to prepare the best possible strategy for his clients.

An Experienced Professional in Family Law

A member of several local and statewide legal associations, including the Family Law Chapter of the Colorado Bar Association, Mr. Gibans takes cases involving:

  • Divorce and property settlements
  • Complex financial disputes, including business valuation and divisions of pensions
  • Child custody and visitation for both married and non-married couples
  • Paternity
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities
  • Relocation issues for separated families
  • Self-employment issues
  • Custody and child support modifications
  • Maintenance awards (spousal support)
  • Post-divorce modifications
  • Inter-state matters

Mr. Gibans has handled hundreds of divorce and paternity cases in Colorado for over 35 years. Whether his clients currently reside in Colorado or are dealing with a former spouse who lives out of state, he understands the laws in place that protect their rights. Primarily a trial lawyer, Mr. Gibans has experience in both state and federal courts, and will use his knowledge and experience to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients.

Mr. Gibans approaches his legal practice with the goal to problem solve whatever issues need to be addressed. Whenever possible, he is able to negotiate settlements on behalf of his clients, saving them the cost, stress and uncertainty they may feel about proceeding to trial. His attention to detail and persistence encourages negotiated settlements that benefit the client without sacrificing his or her goals.

A Lawyer Who Is Always Available

Mr. Gibans is a firm believer in customer service. When clients call with questions, he will promptly call them back. When lawyers are too busy to answer clients’ questions or return their phone calls, they are not providing the service that clients deserve. Clients work directly with Mr. Gibans throughout the entire proceeding. He explains the process so clients know what to expect and are comfortable with how their case is progressing.

Call an Attorney Who Will Call Back

If you are need of a lawyer you can trust, contact the Law Firm of David M. Gibans. The firm accepts payment arrangements as needed and is available for appointments outside of normal business hours. Call today at 303-500-5637 or toll free at 866-583-6112.